Pre Designed Plan Set

Certain concepts come to an Architect’s mind without having a specific client in mind. When time allows we will sit down at the drawing board and put these concepts to paper. Some will even be followed through to a point where a set of plans may be produced.

The designs included here are just those designs. Some are based on conventional construction practices using dimensioned lumber framing on continuous foundations set on spread footers; something that might be seen in a suburban neighborhood. Others, like the ISBU (Shipping Container) Homes are experimental in a structural compositional with the functionality of a house incorporated.

Costs for Pre-Designed Plan sets range from $.50 to $1.50 per square foot based on size and complexity of detailing. Plans will be sold as is with a letter allowing for owner provided changes or alterations which can also be provided by Scott W Bartholomew Architecture for an hourly rate.