Scott Bartholomew

About The Architect

Early Professional Career:

Architecture Career:

    Scott began work with a long time acquaintance Bill Ashe, the principal architect and owner of a long established firm local to Asheville, NC in 2003. During this time Scott completed his intern development under a licensed architect and successfully tested for licensure in 2006. With Bill Ashe, Architect PA, Scott was able to apply design theories and the production techniques which had been budding since his college education. These were further developed during his years of production furniture design and craftsmanship. The Great Recession later led to Bill’s retirement and Scott currently working on his own under the firm name of Scott W. Bartholomew Architecture.


    The education Scott received was based in the Modern/International style and his years of practice led to a greater appreciation of the historical models with which it is based. Design decisions are solved through expressions of form with the implications of function and style overlaid to provide a creative solution to the challenge at hand. His belief is that this is truth in design, be it the design of a simple cup or the layout of a city.


Scott Bartholomew and wife Katherine, Scott W Bartholomew Architect

    Currently, Scott is happily married to his best friend, Katie. They are proud parents of Elijah, born August, 2009, and Clayton, born April of 2011. They reside in a house designed in collaboration with a fellow local architect , Andrew Willett, in Alexander, NC, just north of Asheville.

“We highly recommend Scott. Scott designed for us a home that we absolutely love. He patiently worked with us through many ideas and plans; he gave us advices that saved us from making costly mistakes.”

- Mary SmithClient/Home Owner