New Construction

Foundation, Asheville, Scott W Bartholomew Architect

New Construction offers a clean slate to create a new and never before realized piece of Architecture for a client.

This slate is not blank however. Site and history are always present. The site brings much onsite to the program. The Site can offer views, presentation, environmental criteria,… the site can inform much toward to eventual  building. History is also a creative force. The region of the project often brings much to a design, though that region may be small like the Western North Carolina or even a neighborhood, but that region may be as big as the earth.

Good design is a reflection of history, both direct and obscured. New construction allows for more of a Client’s dream along with these design inputs to come through without the obvious restrictions imposed by an existing structure. Both new and retrofit construction offer challenges which inspire the Architect toward a creative solution.

Note the entry door which was a collaboration between client, Scott Bartholomew and Cheryl Stippich.

contemporary, asheville, Scott W Bartholomew Architect