Green Design

As a practicing architect in a developed nation I see a most important concern to humanity’s prosperous future as being Environmentally Sustainability. It is our job as architects to provide the means to accomplish this task within our built environment through Green Sustainable Building Design. 

Green Desires

The environment is something to cherished and protected. As a result, our designs here at Scott W Bartholomew Architecture both relate directly to the surroundings and provide for a green, sustainable product to help save the future for our children.

Through creative architectural design, incorporating passive solar strategies, active solar systems, daylighting, high efficiency building systems, conscious product selection and ecological thoughtfulness, the task of providing a more sustainable future for our children can be achieved. By building “GREEN” we allow for green (the color) to continue to exist naturally.

Sustainable Tools

Though this idea of the “greening” of our built environment is one which has been around for many years, if not since the beginning of building itself, the most recent foray toward this concept has developed many more possibilities toward achieving this goal. Besides the new products on the market, which there are many, there are also many tools at our disposal, as architects, to provide further sustainability analysis. Energy modeling software and product & system analysis software are available to more objectively evaluate the sustainability of an installation. While working with our clients and their desires, we at Scott W Bartholomew Architecture enjoy this challenge of helping the industry toward a more sustainable future through Green Sustainable Building Design.

Building Solutions

With high performance specifications and appropriate detailing a building may achieve a higher level of sustainability. At Scott W. Bartholomew Architecture building layout, as well as every detail, system, fixture and finish, will be looked at with a multitude of qualifications, sustainability being a very important one. As required by the client Energy Modeling and Product & System analysis may be performed during all stages of the design process. Asheville Architect, Scott W Bartholomew is well versed in designing to US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes and WNC Green Building Council’s Healthy Built Homes qualifications. For more information concerning green, sustainable design please visit the links provided. Scott W Bartholomew Architecture is a member of the WNC Green Building Council.

Green Building News

gbd_cover4A project designed by Scott Bartholomew was seen on the cover of the 2011 Western NC Green Building Directory.

“If there is to be an ecologically sound society, it will have to come the grass roots up, not from the top down.”

-Paul Hawken