Completed Projects

At Scott W. Bartholomew Architecture you can see within the completed projects shown the building style is taken very seriously. In and around Asheville, NC one can appreciate a diversity of style from log/timber structures from our rural/agrarian past to the high art of the Biltmore Estate. Boom-bust cycles driven by local economics have directly affected the local artistic community, yielding not only interpretation but alteration of universally defined styles to a product uniquely Asheville. One has only to look at the Shingle Style developed by Richard Sharp Smith (Project Architect for the Biltmore House) on so many examples in the Montford Area of Asheville and throughout Buncombe County to begin to realize the areas diversity and uniqueness.

At Scott W. Bartholomew Architecture we try to continue with this trend. Whether formal (Classical, Colonial…) or informal (Arts and Crafts, Industrial, International…) most buildings tend toward a hybrid classification of style when moving from exterior to interior. Today’s lifestyles require a more diverse use of space with forms and images borrowed from the past. Listening to the clients desires and dreams provides the direction from which to base design decision. The end product of this we hope to be a project the client will cherish and be most proud of. Our greatest reward upon completion of a project is the statement for our clients, “We love it and would not change a thing.” We hope this is represented within the Completed Projects shown.