Gem in the Rough

A client picked up this 1948 country home as a foreclosure. We have gutted it. Down to the rough sawn framing. Black snakes (lost count how many), termites, bees and carpenter ants were all evicted. Some restructuring was done to shore up some substandard issues present. On with the remodel.

Agriculture Vernacular

I cannot help but be moved by the vernacular architecture here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Very similar to the rest of the East Coast, deep South and Midwest in form and function but with details particular to certain locals.  An old tractor shed with a simple loft.

nestled in amongst the trees, later having flanking lean-to shed added on each side. There is a beauty here that comes from the simple forms based on simple design details based on available materials. Also an apparent age is implied by the slightly sagging roofs, the slightly leaning walls, the out of square windows and doors.  All is very hard to replicate. I love driving through the country and appreciating the beauty of the structures which were not made to be beautiful.