As a practicing Architect I have sales reps stop by often with their latest and greatest product. Sometimes I am busy and don’t have much time to talk and other times I likely take to much of their time. Working alone gets lonely sometimes and I will be a bit verbose. Some of the presented products are better than others and some I cannot wait to use on some future project.

One such product was a recycled/repurposed snow fence from Wyoming. In Wyoming snow country they have miles and miles of wood snow fencing lining the roads which alters the wind across the planes enough to keep the snow drifts off the roads. This snow fence has to be replaced over time due to weathering and the material is being repurposed into siding and flooring. The character of this product is quite attractive, especially when skip planed to show some of the weathered and the raw innards. They have a ‘cinnamon’ color that they cull from the lot which has a beautiful reddish drown mottling to it. Needless to say the recycled aspect adds a sustainability to any project. It is not as local to NC as one might like but you get your Green credits where you can.

Reclaimed Lumber, Scott W Bartholomew Architect