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Gem in the Rough

A client picked up this 1948 country home as a foreclosure. We have gutted it. Down to the rough sawn framing. Black snakes (lost count how many), termites, bees and carpenter ants were all evicted. Some restructuring was done to shore up some substandard issues present. On with the remodel.



At Virginia Tech School of Architecture, back when computer drafting was still pretty much 2d (feeling older now), we used to build models a lot, by hand. We all got pretty good with an Olfa cutter. Chip board, foam core and Homasote were some of the products of choice.


Recycled Snowfence

As a practicing Architect I have sales reps stop by often with their latest and greatest product. Sometimes I am busy and don’t have much time to talk and other times I likely take to much of their time. Working alone gets lonely sometimes and I will be a bit verbose. Some of the presented products are better than others and some I cannot wait to use on some future project.



I ran across this product a while back called EarthStone. They are 3cm granite tiles made from the recycled cut offs of large commercial building stone cladding projects. They have a heavy press with pattern dies that they then punch their shapes from the remnants. Polished face up for interior applications, rough for exterior. Very […]

Agriculture Vernacular

I cannot help but be moved by the vernacular architecture here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Very similar to the rest of the East Coast, deep South and Midwest in form and function but with details particular to certain locals.  An old tractor shed with a simple loft. nestled in amongst the trees, […]


Climate Change

The reason for a Greening of Architecture is most often discussed as a result of climate change. I will not debate the existence of climate change. I would debate the existence of climate stagnation, a common misconception. The view that the climate of the world we live in does not change without human action or […]